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Welcome to Monica's!  We've been very gratified by the overwhelming response to our food and proud to have brought this great location back to life after the flood of '08. Our Head Chef is Rod Bowman who was much-loved as the Executive Chef at the University Athletic Club for 11 years.  You'll be amazed at his food and we sure like working with him.  We've doubled our menu of comfort food to make it half American and half Italian plus Gourmet Pizza.


The American Favorites on the menu like scalloped potatoes and ham, chicken pot pie or meat loaf, are mostly dishes that have stood the test of time for decades and are made faithfully to their original



The Italian Specialties are elegant and rich in flavor, with a blend of traditional dishes and newer creations.  We use five different sauces so you'll have lots to choose from.


Our pizza is made with handmade dough, carefully handled, aged and tossed, and baked with a classic pizza sauce, the most expensive pizza cheese available anywhere (from Grande), and the finest fresh ingredients in an open-flame domed brick oven so it produces a pizza similar to those made for thousands of years in Italy.


We offer complimentary fresh-baked Sourdough and 7-Grain Wheat bread with every meal, served American style with cinnamon-honey butter AND Italian-style with our extra-virgin olive oil, cooked with herbs for great taste.


We have a dining room with carpet and fine wood furniture as well as the main room that has tv s, which is actually more quiet than the dining room, unless the Hawks are playing!  After the flood, this building was gutted and stood vacant for 17 months.  We rented it and completely re-built it, with special thanks to our landlord, the Alan Saltzman family; his General Contractor Pat Barton; our General Contractor Randy Rempel; Neumann Monson Architects; Homewood Electric, Iowa City Plumbing; Krantz Painting; Pat Streeby Tile; and many of our incredible staff members for their sweat and toil.  The expansion of our patio was beautfuly done by Earthworks Concrete & Landscaping and we love it.


The fabulous Interior Design is by the equally fabulous Lyndsi Benjamin, now very successful in Chicago and a former server for us. The lighting, the grasscloth walls, the white subway tile and midnight grout in the baths...she did a truly amazing job with a very limited budget.


Monica Meyer is the General Manager of Monica's. e restaurant is named for her because she is our heartbeat. Her dedication and sweetness are legendary and her competence is the main reason we do things well. She has great help here from Managers Max Johnson, Ashleigh Peterson, Becca Porter-Adams, Syd George, and Shannon McCoy.


It is truly a family, our staff.  Our philosophy at both restaurants is "Great Food, Served by Friends" and I think you can tell that everybody working here enjoys our customers and the restaurant.  I know I do!  I've been a practicing lawyer in Iowa City for 30 years and still do that every day, but I love helping out here too.


We take reservations and encourage them for large groups especially.  We also cater since we offer Free Delivery of the Entire Menu to addresses within 10 minutes or so for orders of $15 or more and to about anywhere for larger orders. Please do not hesitate to contact me with suggestions, complaints or compliments at or my office phone at 319-354-5500.  Thank you for helping us become one of the area's finest restaurants and your first choice for American Favorites, Italian Specialties or Gourmet Pizza.


-Randy Larson

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303 2nd Street  |  Coralville, IA



(319) 338.7400

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Randy Larson - Restaurant Owner

Telephone: (319)631-2100



Interested applicants can apply in person every day.  We offer a flexible scheduling, full or part time work and a great staff to work with to help you reach your goals.  Come in, fill out an application. Follow the instructions on the application when turning it in.

All inquiries are strictly confidential.



Coralville IA, 52241

Ph. (319) 338-7400


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